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A SaaS partner program (also known as a channel partnership) is a partnership with third parties, either businesses or individuals, who agree to help market and/or distribute your software to new audiences.

As an incentive for helping increase your sales, you reward your partners with cash rewards, tangible incentives, or sales commission. Regardless of the incentive, a key element always stays the same – the more software sold, the bigger the partner’s reward.

It’s important to note that a SaaS partner does not become your employee. Although your partners will sign a formal agreement to market or sell your software, they still remain independent entities.


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Available Partners Progammes

Reseller Partnerships

In a reseller partnership, you license partners to sell our services on your own channels. Most reseller partners sell your SaaS in their software marketplaces, alongside various other programs. But resellers go beyond just opening up another distribution channel. They also add extra value to the purchase – hence the common term “value-added resellers.” Resellers are trained to assist customers in using the software, all the way from installation and customization to customer support. An excellent example of a reseller partnership is between Fiscal Foundations and QuickBooks. The former resells QuickBooks subscriptions alongside offering software setup, customization, and support services.

Agent or Broker Partnerships

Agents or brokers market to potential customers who are likely to purchase your software. They make meaningful connections with leads and direct them to your site, and you reward the responsible agent for every successful sale. Agents haven’t necessarily used your products before, but are willing to help market your company in exchange for rewards. Like affiliates and referral partners, agents do not resell your products. They simply bring interested customers to your platform to make their final purchase.

Integration Partnerships

An integration partner is a non-competing software company whose products integrate with your own. The partner lists your product on its marketplace as a product that integrates with their own. Like affiliates, integration partners place links to your website on their own pages, and earn rewards when anyone who comes from their site makes a purchase. However, their objective is far more purposeful than that of affiliates because they’re promoting each of your SaaS products in tandem. While some integration partnerships have monetary rewards attached to them, the real value in this partnership is the brand awareness and sales your SaaS companies concurrently bring to each other.

mpha list

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